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What I do.


Im Lucy and I am currently a student at Capel Manor College studying the Cordwainers Diploma in Bridle, Saddle and Harness making under the wonderfully talented Christer Dahlberg and Line Hansen.

While that might not make sense to some people (My mate said you made dog collars/belts/handbags/cartridge sliders) fear not for let me explain.

              Saddlery Items

          Bags, Cases, Boxes

             Dog Collars, Leads

With all the skills learnt in making saddlery I can make pretty much anything with leather/heavy canvas to a bespoke, highly finished degree. What I'm doing now is having a little business on the side to keep paying the bills and practicing the skills- so please don't worry if you think your question/order is a bit bizarre- I do love having a chat and debate on things to be made!

If you'd like to have a "behind the scenes" look at what I do- hop over to Instagram where you'll see plenty of what's going on in the workshop and on the bench (just don't judge me too hard- I really love cake!)





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