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Welcome to the blog!

Hey all

Welcome to the blog. I'll be updating from time to time on a saddler's inside look. As this is the first entry I think it's a good time to properly introduce myself.


My names Lucy and live in N. Ireland. I've been horse mad since birth and no one has managed to talk me out of it. I've competed in North Down Pony Club to national level, worked in tack shops and as a groom.


After leaving school due to ongoing illness I began working in a tack shop and realising the "gaps in the market"- saddlers were a dying breed and getting tack to fit your horse was a minefield. After working there, I went back to working with horses as a polo groom and spent time looking at the differences in the tack and equipment and, with all young horses, fixing broken rug after broken rug. One day I was asked if I could turn an old sheepskin into a seat saver and from that day onwards an idea was formed.


I could be a groom that can fix tack, make myself a little less "replacable" to my employers. After moving onto a private eventing yard I began to think of all my "saddlery woes", the frequent grievances I would hear from fellow grooms and riders. After a lot of internet searching and "start-up kits" I began doing some leathercraft any spare moment I had making belts, book marks, valet trays, coasters bags and wallets. L


However- it wasn't saddlery. One day I stumbled upon Capel Manor College- the only place in Europe where you can study saddlery full time. One phone call later and I was bound for an interview. After meeting my tutors Christer Dahlberg and Line Hansen, and walking into the workshop I was hooked. One year later, having made many pieces of saddlery, my own projects of leather goods and winning The Worshipful Company of Saddlers Undergraduate Bursary I am striving to continue my education and succeed in the industry.


But that's enough about me- and onto the bit you might be interested to read about!


Coming soon on the blog!

-"You get what you pay for" and how that isn't always true

-"Genuine Leather" Why genuine isn't all it seems to be

-"The cutting edge" Why the edges of a product can tell you more than you think

-"Hands verses Machine" The pros and cons of hand stitching versus machine stitching

-"What's so good about handmade" My take on why handmade products are worth it

-Guest Posts


-And More


So thank you all for reading this far- If you would like to be featured on the blog or have any ideas for the blog please get in touch.


Till next time


Posted by Lucy on 01 August 2017 21:23

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